Report of Theft or Significant Loss of
Dangerous Drugs and Prescription Drug Documents

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This webpage must be used by a Board of Pharmacy licensee to submit the required report of a theft or significant loss of dangerous drugs and drug documents within 30 days following the discovery of the theft or significant loss. It may also be used to provide the immediate notification required by rules 4729:5-3-02 and 4729:6-3-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Federal and state regulations require Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrants to report any theft or significant loss of controlled substances to the DEA. More information on reporting to DEA can be found here.


  • Please enter the license number of the facility that the theft or loss had occurred. This is not your individual licensed number (i.e., pharmacist license number).
  • To have your license security code sent to the email, follow step 1. The license security code will be sent to the email address associated with the terminal distributor of dangerous drug (TDDD) license! If you do not have access to the license account, you will not be able to submit the report.

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Federal and state regulations require licensees to submit a detailed report of any theft or loss of controlled substances to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).