Retrieve Security Code

Instructions: Please enter your license number to retrieve your security code. Input your license number exactly as it appears on the Verification Page.


License Type Description
Pharmacist 8 numerical digits, beginning with 03
Pharmacy Intern 8 or 9 numerical digits, beginning with 06
Pharmacy Technician 8 numerical digits, beginning with 09
Terminal Distributor 9 or 10 numerical digits, beginning with 02
Wholesale Distributor 9 or 10 numerical digits, beginning with 01
Home Medical Equipment License – begins with HMEL. followed by 5 numerical digits. *Include the “.” Registration – begins with HMER. followed by 5 numerical digit. *Include the “.” and accreditation abbreviation.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Provisional – Begins with MMD.04 followed by 3 digits
Certificate – Begins with MMD.07 followed by 5 digits
Medical Marijuana Employee Begins with MME.05 followed by 6 digits

Your license number:   

If you cannot provide the information requested on this page, you may send an email to Licensing@Pharmacy.Ohio.Gov to request your license number and security code. Be sure to include the license number (if available), name of licensee, location of licensee if a business, phone number and your full name in the body of the email. Please allow up to four business days for a reply.